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We need Help

2007-11-10 06:13:49 by tacoman3000

We need hlep with flash badly, If anyone could help us plez email us.


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2007-11-10 21:13:14

Just write some better jokes. After looking at the response you wrote me, I know you have it in you.
Let me know if you need help.

tacoman3000 responds:

lol yeah, we are majorly horrible at flash, we actually used adobe premiere and then transfered it to the flash program and then the sound went wrong and out of place when imported, but we sent it in anywayz because we were like " yooooo lets start a flash series" , so we downloaded the stuff and 6 grueling hours later we came up with what we had : )

next episode will be longer and have a reason sort of? yep yep